Bible Study

These articles are designed to help the reader of the Bible to appreciate it more fully. For a general discussion on the nature of the Bible, see also the article, Understanding the Bible. This list is not intended to be comprehensive, nor is there a particular sequence. The selection of topics is based entirely on the author’s own particular areas of research into the biblical texts.

Are You Not Strong Enough?

Being a Friend of God

Did Jesus’ Family Think Him Mad?

Does Jesus Care?

How Did Jesus Redeem Us?

Israel Comes to Terms With God and With Itself

Israel Discovers Unconditional Love

Jesus and the Dog

Paul’s Appeal to the Experience of the Holy Spirit

Receiving the Holy Spirit

Recognising the Risen Jesus

The Best Good News of All

The Call of Peter in Luke’s Gospel: A Model for the Busy Businessperson?

The Only Commandment of Jesus

The Prologue in John’s Gospel: A Testimony to Members of the Family

The Revolutionary Hosea: What is True Knowledge of God?

What Did Paul See?

What Renders the Hand of God Powerless?

Why Did David Dance?